Bad file descriptor error while getting a key



Hi, I’m running 2.0.1 python client on python3 Flask based web application. Time to time, when load is higher, getting a key failed with (-1, ‘Bad file descriptor’, ‘src/main/client/get.c’, 113) error. I’m using one object per process, that is constructed in this way:

conf = {"hosts":    self.addresses,
        "policies": {"timeout": self.timeout},
        "shm":      {}}
proxy = aerospike.Client(conf)
return proxy

Thank for advice how to avoid this behaviour.


Hi, I have the same problem, but when writing (puting or incrementing).

Maybe proto-fd-max is low?


I have this problem too, anyone solved it?


This message (1, 2, 3) occurs when an Aerospike server closes an active socket. One way which this may happen, as mentioned by @tivvit, is if proto-fd-max has been exceeded.


I have set this option to 100.000, but it didin’t solve the problem. This problem occurs, when i’m trying to get data from LLIST contains 10-20 million elements. I have also set timeout to 2 min, but this problem occurs immediately when i’m trying to work with llist.


What version of Aerospike Server are you running and do any warnings appear in the logs when these transactions timeout?


There are no any warnings in the logs. How can i get my AS version?