Socket read error using lua

Aerospike 3.3.19 In-Memory + Disk Persistence, four node.

With conf: default-ttl 0 # Never expire/evict fsync-max-sec 1 flush-max-ms 30000

using python client to:

Insert multiple records into table close to 3 million. when I try calling the lua script,it throws the below error exception.ConnectionError: (-10, ‘Socket read error: 11,, 47932’, ‘src/main/aerospike/as_socket.c’, 248, False)

where can we find the error code with descriptions? How do I resolve this.

what is the “lua script”? how are you calling it? general client error codes are documented here

First, please provide sample code that can give more details of what you’re doing. I’m not sure if you’re calling a record UDF, or running a background UDF through a script or query. It’s good that you’ve mentioned which server version you’re on, but please also give details about the OS your application is running on, and the version of the Python client.

Second, Aerospike CE 3.3.19 is from September 2014, and is long out of support. You should upgrade it to a newer version (you have to jump through release 3.13 to get to newer ones like 3.16 or 4.2).

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