Weird error happening randomly with Node client- Bad file descriptor as_socket_read_limit line 432

Aerospike Version: Aerospike Community Edition build 3.6.3 We have a node server using Aerospike as DB. The load on the server is minimal. We have a monitoring service which monitors one of the API by repeatedly calling the API(once every minute). 99% of the time it works properly. However, once or twice a day, the get call from DB fails and we get following error: "{“code”:-1,“message”:“Bad file descriptor”,“func”:“as_socket_read_limit”,“file”:“src/main/aerospike/as_socket.c”,“line”:432}"

Kindly note that the Aerospike get query parameters remains the same in all those requests.

I have tried increasing the timeout to 800ms. var config = { hosts: settings.aerospike.hosts, policies : { key :aerospike.policy.key.SEND, timeout:800 } };

Also, have tried doubling proto-fd-max to 30000. Didn’t help :frowning:

This is not a major issue now. But in future when we have hundreds of request coming in every second, we may end up dropping requests. Thanks in advance

What kind of call are you making? Do the server logs have anything in them?

This error indicates that the server might have closed the socket connection. The server logs might contain a hint as to why that might have happened.

What client version are you using?

Hi Albot,

Thanks a lot for your reply. The server log does not contains anything. We are making a get call. Here is the entire code

var aerospike = require(“aerospike”);

var client = aerospike.client(config);     client.connect(function (response) {      if ( response.code === 0) {          // handle success          console.log("\nConnection to Aerospike cluster succeeded!\n");      }      else {          // handle failure          console.log("\nConnection to Aerospike cluster failed!\n");          console.log(response);      } });

function getPersonList(group, cb){     var key = {ns : groupList.ns, set : groupList.set, key : group};     var udf = { module: HV_MODULE, funcname: “getids”};     client.execute(key, udf, function (err, result){         switch (err.code) {             case aerospike.status.AEROSPIKE_OK:                 cb(null, result);                 break;             default:                 cb({“type”: “internal_error”, “message”: JSON.stringify(err)});         }     }); }

Apologies for the delay in response.

Hi Jan,

Thanks a lot for replying. Server logs does not have any error.

Client version: 1.0.57(according to file)

Thanks in advance, Sanchit

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