Benchmark Review - Redis: The Little NoSQL Benchmark in a Big Data World (January 21, 2016)


Posted on January 21, 2016

Written by Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Co-Founder and CTO

As we announced in our Database Manifesto, Aerospike is committed to fair and honest benchmarks. To this end, Aerospike will publish its own benchmarks and attempt to duplicate results from benchmarks from other vendors and independent sources. In this way, Aerospike hopes to provide transparency and to separate science from marketing.

This review focuses on a Redis Labs press release from June 2015 announcing the results of a new, independent NoSQL performance benchmark performed by Avalon Consulting. The study claimed to measure the speed and scale of different NoSQL database solutions in a “real-world application scenario.” Not surprisingly, the press release gave Redis Labs top scores over alternatives such as Couchbase, DataStax Enterprise In-Memory, and Aerospike.

At Aerospike, we couldn’t agree more that scale is a crucial part of NoSQL benchmarks. So, we decided to run the benchmark ourselves to try to understand how Redis could claim – contrary to all our own measurements – to perform so well.

Please read the full blog post to view our findings.