Lynn Langit - Benchmarking NoSQL (Aerospike and Redis) on the AWS Cloud: Lessons Learned (January 28, 2015)

Lynn Langit, an award-winning specialist in database technologies (SQL and NoSQL, both on-premise and cloud-based) and author of several books on SQL server business intelligence, wrote a blog post on January 28, 2015 summarizing what she learned from running benchmark tests on virtual machines on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud. She conducted these tests both with the Aerospike team and also on her own as she validated Aerospike’s test results independently.

She tested two NoSQL databases: Aerospike and Redis. In her words, “both databases are known for speed and are often used for caching or as fast key value stores via in-memory implementation. Aerospike is built to be very easy to scale and extremely fast by leveraging SSDs. By contrast, Redis is built primarily as a fast in-memory store”.

In her post, she also discusses benchmarking techniques and results for this particular set of test databases. In the process of validating benchmarks, she learned - and shares - many broadly applicable AWS-specific EC2 benchmarking practices.

Read her full blog post here.