Broken Links // many 404's in documentation


While working with your documentation (some accessed by links from your homepage, some pages accessed by google index) I stumbled upon quite some broken links. I would suggest to run a crawler upon the whole site and fix those links. (Can be as easy as just redirecting stuff the crawler identified as 404).

An example would be: links to on the Large ordered List-link which is 404, googleing brought me to the right page:

It’s possible to find most stuff but it’s inconvenient that one has to search up pages at least once every few hours when working with docs, which is why I suggest to not only replace those links mentioned but fixxing links in general.

When I google up things i’m always unsure whether the things I read are still up-to-date but especially for LDT’s I have a feeling that not all pages are linked from the current homepage in the corresponding sections.

Cheers, Manuel