C# Client Release 3.0.10 (November 19, 2014)


The 3.0.10 release of the C# client is available for download here.

It contains the following features:

  • Add “Debug IIS” and “Release IIS” configuration targets. These IIS targets use HttpContext to store reusable buffers (instead of using ThreadStatic).
  • Change “Policy.maxRetries” default from 2 to 1.
  • Change scan/query maxRetries value to zero in default constructor (used to be changed in transaction code).
  • Remove deprecated RecordExistsAction generation enum values. Use “WritePolicy.generationPolicy” instead.
  • Add udf methods that take WritePolicy (instead of base Policy) as an argument, so ttl can be specified.
  • Add LargeMap.exists().

For the full list of features and fixes of this release, click here.