C# client upgrade, now: Error 20 Partition map empty error

Hello, I was running an old version of the client (C#) 3.6.8. Even just going to 3.8.0 causes the error.

The server is also old (3.14). AsyncClient seems to establish a connection as I see the .Connected flag as true, however an attempt to Get and object causes the error in the subject.

Is this a client/server incompatibility issues or can I try something else?

“Partition map empty error” occurs when there no partition maps available for any server nodes. This means the client is not connected regardless of the .Connected flag.

C# client 3.6.8 was released on 2018-11-27. Server 3.14 was released on 2017-06-05. I would have thought that these two versions were compatible, but I guess not. I suggest using client/server versions that are closer together.

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