Can I use edigest to run "operate touch()" commands?

Hi Team, we are running a db consistency check along two mated Aerospike db connected via XDR. We have challenges to get/find primary key (pk) of the records that differ between the 2 db. We see that using “SET RECORD_PRINT_METADATA TRUE” and extracting the needed information, we easily can do a diff parsing the edigest element.

We tested that edigest is accepted by “operate touch()” and record is replicated between the 2 dbs.

Could you please confirm that this edigest usage is ok ?

Thanks a lot in advance Andrea

That should be fine. And it seems you have already tested it, which is a good confirmation. Given that XDR is an Enterprise Edition feature, I would also suggest not hesitating having someone on your side reach out to Aerospike Support.

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