Collectd integration with Aerospike [Update: Aerospike collectd plugin now available]



Just wanted to check if Aerospike provides any plugin for collectd ? I wanted to use collectd for aggregation and then pass it on to an in house monitoring system.

I have seen plugins for Graphite but I don’t want to use Graphite. Thanks,


Sorry - currently, we do not have a plugin for collectd.


Thank you @kporter for the confirmation.


You can write your own - that’s really easy, e.g. You can start here or here etc.


Alternatively you could start with the graphite connector. Or for a very simple example, the asinfo tool that is provided with the aerospike-tools package.

less `which asinfo`


Thanks @JiriWetter and @kporter for your helpful replies. I will be exploring these options.


Ashish, thanks for considering writing a quick collectd plugin. It should be pretty easy, as JiriWetter said.

When you finish the collectd implementation, can you please post here and let us all know? At Aerospike, We’d love to include your repo in our collection of integrations.



Just published aerospike-collectd plugin. It is currently working well in an internal project. It is very young so feel free to help me find the bugs :construction_worker:.


Thanks a lot @kporter. And Sorry, I couldn’t be of help here :frowning:

I will be integrating this with our setup and share if see any issue.


I believe I have installed collectd, Aerospike server, and Aerospike’s collectd integration all fine. I see collectd metrics piling up in the rrdtool directory, but don’t believe I see any Aerospike stats there. How can I quickly verify that Aereospike’s collectd integration is working ?


For each execution of the plugin by collectd the plugin will emit log messages to collectd’s logs.

Here is an example of these log messages:

May 26 20:17:40 l116 collectd[8510]: Aerospike Plugin: client
May 26 20:17:40 l116 collectd[8510]: Aerospike Plugin: Counter({'writes': 290, 'emits': 418})