Aerospike-zabbix plugin is unavailable on github


I followed official Zabbix Integrations Guide and found out that Official Zabbix plugin doesn’t exist on github.

I guess it was deleted by some reason.

Also I didn’t find any fork of that aerospike-zabbix repo.

I wonder if someone could share any information about valid zabbix aersopike templates?

Regards, Max


Thanks, looks like they forgot to switch it to public. I have pinged the maintainer to correct the issue.


Thanks, Kevin

Github repo is still unavailable. Documentation wasn’t changed as well.

I hope they will open it up to the public soon.


Seems the documentation for this plugin was mistakenly released early. They plan to release soon and are currently doing an internal user test to ensure the documentation is up to the task.


Hi Max,

The github repo is now public. Thanks for being patient with us!

Any additional feedback is welcome on Github via comments/issues/pull requests.



Thanks guys.

Great work!