Comparing Redis and Aerospike


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Redis vs. Aerospike

How is Aerospike different from other key-value NoSQL databases?

" Aerospike is a key-value, in-memory, operational NoSQL database which support complex objects and easy to scale. But I have already used something which does absolutely the same.

Redis is also a key-value, in-memory (but persistent to disk) NoSQL database. It also support different complex objects. But in comparison to Aerospike, Redis was in use for a lot of time, already have an active community and a lot of projects developed in it.

So what is the difference between aerospike and other no-sql key-value databases like Redis? Is there a particular place which is better suited for Aerospike?

P.S. I am looking for an answer from people who used at least one of these dbs (preferably both) in real world and have real life experience (not copy-pastes from official website). "