What is better than other nosql

I’ve benchmarked various nosql using php. Other nosql variants include mongodb, redis, memcached, tarantool, influxdb, and so on. As a result, aerospike was number one. The experiment proceeded with 100 percent insert. What is different about other nosql? The experimental environment was ran 8g and hdd 1TB on g4560.

As a result, aerospike was number one. 

Would love to see the results or a blog post!

What is different about other nosql? 

You mean what makes Aerospike different? Depends on what you’re comparing I suppose. I would say the engineers at Aerospike have built something from the ground up that is meant for bleeding edge speed with very little resource overhead in C, and they’re very good at what they do. I could probably go on for paragraphs but you really need to be more specific with the question, and it depends on the use case. Aerospike isn’t the “best” NoSQL database for every use case out there, even though they try to be.

Have you ever heard of an aerospike insert or better?

What? I’m not sure what this is referring to. Can you give more context?

Sorry. Google translation is not good. I mean, is there any data that shows the insertion process of Aerospike?

I want to compare it with other nosql insertions process.

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I think you are asking for benchmarks that people have done to compare Aerospike to other NoSQL systems, is that correct? Like this ? Benchmarks | Aerospike

thank u for the result i mean why aerospike is better than the others

Are you asking why it is faster?

Yes, that is correct. I’m sorry to say so hard.

It is the way it is designed. Best thing would be to read through the docs to get a better understanding of the architecture https://www.aerospike.com/docs/architecture/ https://www.aerospike.com/docs/architecture/data-distribution.html https://www.aerospike.com/docs/architecture/primary-index.html . I’m not sure what else I can tell you, except that it is engineered very well and it is based on a distributed hash table data with local red black tree structures.

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Thanks @albot for providing a customer’s perspective!

@Philip_Yoon, thanks doing your own due dilligence! We routinely find other vendors posting ‘benchmarks’ that are maliciously engineered to elevate themselves. These benchmarks typically engineer contrived scenarios that do not resemble the reality of real world workloads. In response to these practices, Aerospike has published a ‘Manifesto’ on benchmarking at scale and continues to invest in providing our own analysis of other vendor’s benchmark results in order to expose deceptive benchmark practices.

Why is Aerospike fast? Because it had to be, our early adopters were AdTech companies and much of the fundamental architecture of Aerospike was forged to cater to their demanding needs of which typically centered on having reliable, low latency transactions. This relationship forced performance to be a core feature which has allowed us to expand into other performance sensitive venues such a fraud detection. Take a quick look at our customers and you will quickly understand why ‘Speed at Scale’ is a fundamental requirement for Aerospike.

Why has Aerospike been successful? The team, Aerospike is very fortunate to have excellent engineering leaders and mentors. Aerospike values quality over product deadlines - we routinely practice pair design/programming.