Compile php-client for FreeBSD


Hi everybody, please help to compile aerospike php client under freebsd. I got this error: /root/temp/aerospike-client-php/src/aerospike/…/aerospike-client-c/lib/libaerospike.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; and compiller fails. How I can solve this???


That looks like you didn’t get libaerospike.a built. As AS is mainly developed on Linux, I have doubts that it’s client can easily be build on FreeBSD. Also, please note, that make in FreeBSD is somewhat different from GNU make, that possibly is used in php-client. You need to install gmake from the ports and try to build with it.


Have I another way to connect to aerospike via php under freebsd? or try to complie client is the only way