Configure Aerospike to run on single node

Hi, We have the following requirements for our database technology evaluation:

high performance - throughput + latency. ideal to have both → preferably makes use of memory for high performance but can spill over to NVMe/SSD/HDD so we don’t need high memory machines → non-distributed, single node → concurrent r/w access → snapshots → embeddable in Rust (preferrably) → we don’t need a binlog or any sort of append only log

While reviewing various databases, Aerospike caught our attention but had a few questions:

  1. Do you have sample configurations to run Aerospike in a single node mode. If not a step by step how-to would be really helpful.
  2. How are read and writes impacted if we run Aerospike in single node from a consistency standpoint
  3. Does Aerospike use multiple threads for its read/write operations?
  4. Do you have any benchmarks with LMDB (libmdbx)?
  5. Are there any limitations/restrictions to using a key-value in-memory + disk storage for Community Edition of Aerospike?
  6. In the requirements list above, do you see anything in the list which Aerospike may not be able to support?
  7. What security features are available in CE by default? Is x509 certificates or any other key based authentication available in CE?
  8. Does porting from CE to EE require DB/Server rebuild or its just a config change?

Appreciate your answers.

Thanks SB