Deploy Aerospike with Ceph

Hi Experts,

we have been dealing with a situation where Aerospike DB VM observing larget latency for write at hundreds ms scale.

it is deployed on a VM that spun in Openstack and using ceph as storage solution.

i am struggling to find the documentation that list out best practice for deploying Aerospike DB using ceph as storage. anyone can direct me to any documentation that would be much appreciated.

on top of my question, in the document i see it talked about Aeropike does not recommend use CInder+Ceph for High IO Demand.

any documentation or ballpark figure that Aerospike definte as “High IO Demand”?

While it is possible, a distributed object store as storage for Aerospike (a distributed database) is not recommended. In addition to network latencies, objects are also replicated inside the object store, resulting in unnecessary duplication and unacceptable performance. There is no ballpark figure for High IO Demand that I am aware of. While object stores can provide high cumulative throughput, their latency may not be acceptable for the application at hand (Aerospike in this case).

Thank you Neel for the reply.

Have you ever heard Aerospike customer actually using ceph for storage solution and successfully gain the performance satisfying outcome?

Performance satisfying outcome can mean very different things for different use cases. I think we have had some customer leveraging ceph but not sure how much performance they were after and how much they achieved… Maybe others from the community would chime in…

thanks, if anyone can share a deployment with ceph as storage solution and their performance, that would be very great for us.