Aerospikes (one node / community version)


I am starting testing Aerospike community version to make a choice about the best db for my project.

We have some tech constraint and we will never use cluster functionalities so our tests are about testing a single node of aerospike aginst a single node of Scylladb, asginst a single node of couchebase.

so our first criteria of choice will be performance and the community behind the product since we are delivering an opensource project too.

and I had few question:

  • Does the 1 million tps is also available on a single node of aerospike, or are we only talking about a cluster ?
  • Does aerospike only scale when adding nodes to the cluster or can scale vertivcally when adding more capabilities to the sever ?
  • Does the core code between the community version and the enterprise version is the same (with some additional features on the Enterprise version) or it is not the same core?

Many thanks for any info.

  1. yes, the 1M TPS is on a per-node basis - but it is under a very specific set of conditions with specific hardware.
  2. aerospike will run faster on bigger better nodes, it can scale vertically and horizontally.
  3. it is the same, but you will not have access to some features.

I am sure you will get better performance out of Aerospike, but only if you model the data correct… Can you let us know how you plan to test and what the data model looks like?

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