Aerospike Tools Release 7.0.0 (April 7, 2022)

Aerospike Tools version 7.0.0 was released on April 7, 2022.

  • Requires Aerospike Server version 4.9 or newer.
  • First release to support 6.0 changes.
  • S3 upload is now included with asbackup.
  • The Python interpreter is now included with asadm.
  • Deprecations that will be removed in the next release of aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to manage jobs in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate INFO commands in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to managing indexes in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to managing users and roles in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the SYSTEM and PRINT commands in aql.
  • Removal/Breaking changes:
    • (AQL) Remove SLAP mode from aql.
    • (AQL) Remove the OPERATE command from aql.
    • (AQL) Remove USE_SMD , REPLICA_ANY and LINEARIZE_READ settings from aql.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1468] - (ASADM) Add a show config security sub-command and remove redundant configuration params from show config service .
  • [TOOLS-1930] - (ASADM) Create manage jobs kill all queries command in asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1872] - (ASBACKUP) Allow backing up and restoring from S3.
    • [TOOLS-1873] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to specify which S3 region to use.
    • [TOOLS-1874] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to specify an S3 compatible storage to use in place of the default S3 URI.
    • [TOOLS-1923] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to specify an AWS profile.
    • [TOOLS-1935] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to override the minimum part size to use for S3 Multipart Uploads.
    • [TOOLS-1948] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to set a max number of simultaneous outstanding async S3 upload/download requests.
  • [TOOLS-1927] - (ASBACKUP) Give an option to remove backup artifacts without performing a backup.


  • [TOOLS-1865] - (PACKAGING) Remove support for Debian 8 and add support for Debian 11.
  • [TOOLS-1915] - (AQL) Change the default setting of KEY_SEND to true in aql.
  • [TOOLS-1921] - (AQL) Support new 6.0 truncate , udf-admin , and sindex-admin privileges in aql.
  • [TOOLS-1794] - (ASADM) The default timeout should be changed to 1 second.
  • [TOOLS-1861] - (ASADM) Bundle asadm with python to remove python dependency.
  • [TOOLS-1877] - (ASADM) Have asadm use async/await co-routines instead of threads for concurrent requests.
  • [TOOLS-1905] - (ASADM) Allow show users to query for a single user.
  • [TOOLS-1925] - (ASADM) Allow asadm to work with mixed security modes.
  • [TOOLS-1928] - (ASADM) Support new server 6.0 stats, configs, info commands, and histograms.
  • [TOOLS-1938] - (ASADM) Add higher precision to the Disk, Memory, and PIndex Used% reported by info namespace usage .
  • [TOOLS-1958] - (ASADM) Add 6.0 configuration schema to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1942] - (ASBACKUP) Allow the user to specify the number of backup samples to take.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-1491] - (AQL) Filter illegal bin names to stop aql from crashing.
  • [TOOLS-1727] - (ASADM) Asadm makes an invalid info call when there are no DC’s configured on server >= 5.7.
  • [TOOLS-1922] - (ASADM) manage config auto-complete prints same parameter twice in some cases.
  • [TOOLS-1924] - (ASADM) Help output does not show new manage jobs commands.
  • [TOOLS-1936] - (ASADM) --no-color flag raises exception.
  • [TOOLS-1939] - (ASADM) Asadm does not reliably discover the cluster if security is enabled and the seed node is a load-balancer.
  • [TOOLS-1940] - (ASADM) Summary command does not report compression-ratio for namespaces in table view.
  • [TOOLS-1943] - (ASADM) The summary command reports flash-index as 0 when in use.