Is there any client or tool to help visualize Aerospike processes and data?


Are there any clients to work with AS similar to MySQL Bench/MongoVue/MongoHub etc?

Thank you


You can use Aerospike Monitoring Console (AMC) for visualising AS process and data. The following web link explains about AMC:

Aerospike AMC is good tool but we are only able to check the health and activity (read/writes, etc…) of different nodes and clusters. Is there any tool by can show us data under a namespace in UI making it easy to visualize the data and make amends without using cli.

If you’re looking for data browsing in Aerospike, check out rashidmayes/Clairvoyance.

This tool is still experimental. I compiled it. It has a lot of bugs and not working smoothly. Anyway thanks for the help.

Does it really? If you run into a bug, you should open a new issue. I only see one in there.