Does Aerospike support Automatic Expiration at Bin Level?

I will create N bins to N no of records. Each bin contains different expiry date by using , that it would expire. Will it be possible ?

Expiration in aerospike is set at record level.
The whole record is going to expire with the expiration set in the policy.

How are you setting different expiration to different bins ?

I will add bin_ttl while creating a record , by using below udf we can run for particular bin. But I just want to know whether is it possible without running udf.

The server only supports automatic record expiration. Automatic bin expiration is not supported. As you have stated, bin expiration is possible through UDF’s, but that has limitations.

  1. The actual bin expiration is not automatic. An expire (or clean) UDF command must be periodically be called on each record that iterates through bins and delete the ones which have exceed their ttl.

  2. Regular Aerospike commands will ignore the user defined bin ttl meta-data, so expired bins will be treated like active bins.