Error deleting data - “Error Code 12: Bin type error”

Hello. I have this code and configuration. I get “Error 12”. “single-bin” is explicitly set to false. “as” - is an imported aerospike. “As_client” is a connected client. What I am doing wrong?


namespace test {
	replication-factor 2
	memory-size 4G
	single-bin false
	data-in-index false
	default-ttl 30d # 30 days, use 0 to never expire/evict.
	storage-engine memory


del_key, err := as.NewKey(“test”, “demoset”, “1”) cmd := as.MapRemoveByKeyOp(“TestBinName”, 1, as.MapReturnType.NONE) __, err = As_client.Operate(nil, del_key, cmd)