Error ENTERPRISE_ONLY when call simple put binmap

I was only call Put method with simple binmap ( around 100 keys ) and it return:

ResultCode: ENTERPRISE_ONLY, Iteration: 0, InDoubt: true, Node: xxxxxxxxxx:xxxxx: Enterprise only

i’m not sure what is wrong here.

sample code:

key, _ := aerospike.NewKey(cfg.bucket.Namespace, cfg.bucket.Name, keyString)
wp := aerospike.NewWritePolicy(0, cfg.bucket.TTL)
wp.UseCompression = true
wp.TotalTimeout = 5 * time.Minute
wp.SocketTimeout = 5 * time.Minute
err := as.Put(wp, key, data)
data is a aerospike.BinMap

aerospike server: 7 CE

client version: v6.14.1

go version: 1.20.2

It is do not make any sense, if i ran like this, error happened image

but if i removed last op

ops = append(ops, aerospike.PutOp(aerospike.NewBin("vnd", 24610)))

it ran fine.

Turnout it case by line

wp.UseCompression = true

@Khosrow_Afroozeh please take a look to this issue, thanks

Compression is an enterprise feature:

Oh, is that new change or something as i always use it pre v7. :smiley: or it just simple not compression at all.

Also i think there should be comment in the field for that Enterprise Only.

thanks for the information.

I don’t think it is new, but I see the need to clearly mark the relevant enterprise API in the client documentation. Thank you for your suggestion.