Error logging -- Needs to be actionable, here are some examples

Scenario 1 : Missing or incorrect namespace I happen to type wrong namespace in my select query as shown below :

aql> select * from mynamespace.user_profile Error: (500) AEROSPIKE_ERR_SERVER Community feedback ==> It would be more “actionable” to notify developer that namespace is not correct here rather then a general error “Error: (500) AEROSPIKE_ERR_SERVER”

Also when I looked in to the aerospike.log I did not find any “actionable” correlating log message relating to the incorrect namespace. My point is that we all make mistakes here and there, hence the error message and its logging needs to be done such that user /developer using aerospike can figure out the error by themselves easily.

$ sudo cat aerospike.log | grep unavailable Nov 05 2014 22:43:34 GMT: WARNING (scan): (thr_tscan.c::674) scan with unavailable namespace Community feedback ==> It would be more “actionable” to notify developer in the log that the namespace “mynamespace” does not exists.

Scenario 2 : aql should give some kind of error or warning on non existent bin.

aql> create index idx_nonexistentbin on data.user_profile(nonexistentbin) STRING OK, 1 index added.

NOTE : No error or warning that bin by the name nonexistentbin does not exist in name space “data” or in set “user_profile”.

When I do show indexes I get this:

aql> show indexes ±-------±-----------------±---------------±---------±------±---------------------±-----------±-------------+ | ns | bins | set | num_bins | state | indexname | sync_state | type | ±-------±-----------------±---------------±---------±------±---------------------±-----------±-------------+ … | “data” | “nonexistentbin” | “user_profile” | 1 | “RW” | “idx_nonexistentbin” | “synced” | “TEXT” | ±-------±-----------------±---------------±---------±------±---------------------±-----------±-------------+ 28 rows in set (0.001 secs) OK

Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product experience, and will definitely be considering this for a future release.

Thanks for the response Anushree. As I evaluate AeroSpike for our use I will make sure AeroSpike’s DevOps know these issues so we can improve the quality of AeroSpike’s code.

Thanks, Deepak Jain