Executor class: waitTillComplete() infinite wait: control doesnt proceed further



I have a very situation where I placed about 50000 records from a CSV file onto a single node cluster.

from the aql terminal I can see the sets and the related details of the objects placed in the AS data base

Now when I try to scan all the records from the name space using

client.scanAll(policy, "test", null, this);

the control doesnt come out of the “waitTillComplete” method of the Executor class

`private synchronized void waitTillComplete() {
		while (! completed) {
			try {
			catch (InterruptedException ie) {

I tried the following but in vain:

Restarted the aerospike, laptop(windows- vagrant), eclipse

But prior to this, I had the same situation and it all started working fine when I restarted the laptop

Help me understand this please

` Regards