Failed to deploy Aerospike on GCP using Deployment Manager

Hi, Trying to deploy basic single-node deployment on GCP using deployment manager as described here (Option 2) fails with the following error:

ERROR: (gcloud.deployment-manager.deployments.create) Error in Operation [operation-1590379649339-5a6711e0e9203-ce7fc2df-f0191dcd]: errors:
  location: /deployments/aerospike/manifests/manifest-1590379649445
  message: |-
    Manifest expansion encountered the following errors: while scanning for the next token
    found character '\t' that cannot start any token
      in "<unicode string>", line 74, column 1:
        ^ Resource: config

Cannot see much community info about using this method for deployment. It is maintained? If yes, how do I solve this issue? Thanks!


Thanks for raising this. I believe we need to update the website documentation and the public repository that contains the deployment manager scripts/templates.

However, the GCE marketplace solution is updated regularly. Can you try to deploy from the Marketplace UI - Aerospike GCE Marketplace Solution

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