Feature key validity

Hi, can’t find such information in documentation. Can get in aerospike cluster information when my feature key will be expired? Want to setup feature key expiration alert.

It is in the feature key file itself. /etc/aerospike/features.conf - example below - see valid-until-date:

# generated 2022-12-21 00:51:04

feature-key-version              2
serial-number                    205018810

account-name                     Aerospike_Training_Piyush

account-ID                       N/A

valid-until-date                 2023-12-31

asdb-change-notification         true
asdb-cluster-nodes-limit         1
asdb-compression                 true
asdb-encryption-at-rest          true
asdb-ldap                        true
asdb-pmem                        true
asdb-strong-consistency          true
mesg-jms-connector               true
mesg-kafka-connector             true
presto-connector                 true
pulsar-connector                 true
raf-realtime-analysis-framework  true
spark-connector                  true
elasticsearch-connector          true

----- SIGNATURE ------------------------------------------------
----- END OF SIGNATURE -----------------------------------------

Thanks for reply In my case there is not valid-until-date. Instead I have such field

valid-until-version              7.0

That means I would have to replace key only in case of upgrade cluster version?

What are your account-ID and asdb-cluster-nodes-limit fields?

valid-until-version              7.0
asdb-cluster-nodes-limit         1

Your license has no time based expiration. valid-until-version limits the feature key to work with Aerospike up to and including the given version. You can only deploy a single node cluster.

We are looking in wrong file probably because this one is default? In my config i have passed feature-key.conf which hasn’t any field about validity. It is SE license

asdb-cluster-nodes-limit 0