Identify the XDR settings applied to the cluster

I have to identify the XDR settings of a cluster, which is spun up using Ansible playbook and may have a dynamic XDR configuration applied.

Is there a way to identify the XDR settings applied to a cluster?

I tried the following command and can see that the XDR is enabled.

asinfo -v "get-config:context=xdr";

This shows that XDR is enabled and other parameters. However is there a way to find the dc-node-addresses setup for XDR?

You can use this command to get the remote DC seed nodes: asinfo -v “get-config:context=xdr;dc=DC1”

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@neelp I get the following output.

$ asinfo -v 'get-config:context=xdr;dc=dc1'

Does this indicate that the XDR is setup as just a placeholder, and there are no nodes for replication?

I think that for the older XDR (this seems to be a 4.X XDR configuration), the get-dc-config command would be what you are looking for. As XDR is an Enterprise feature, you should be able to have someone on your side reach out to Aerospike Support as well.

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