Granularity of replication


Curious how Aerospike does replication:

  • If a record has 100 bins, and a client changed one bin. How this change is replicated to another node of the cluster, and to remote cluster through XDR. I am interested to know whether this single bin is transferred or the entire record is.

The other question is that it looks LDT are not supported by backup/restore and XDR tool. But LDT are replicated right? Same question is that for a large list, is single sub-record the unit to sync between nodes?


For any change in a record, the entire record is updated. So for both XDR and prole/replica write, entire record will be updated.

Yes, LDT/LLIST do have the replica copy.

Not sure about the unit of record for sync between two nodes, I would let @raj clarify that, but my guess would be it is sub-records which are updated between the writes across nodes.


For LDT only the subRecord which are touched are replicated. XDR for LDT is not supported yet

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Thank you @anshu and @raj!

Are there any timeline to support LDT for XDR? Or support LDT in backup/restore tools.


LDT for XDR has no timeline. We are working on LDT backup. Should show up soon…

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Nice. Look forward to backup/restore tools!


Hi @lming,

Aerospike 3.5.12 supports LDT backup and restore.

Hope this helps,