Hostnames in `xdr info` `show mapping` and friends


When I type “show mapping” or “info xdr” all of the machines are listed by IP. Is it possible to have it show the hostnames instead ?


Hi @Jeff.MacDonald, show mapping would not be able to show the hostname, but most other commands default to the the hostname if it can be determined. If info xdr isn’t showing the hostname you could run info network to see the IP and hostname.

For me “info network” only showed the IP address and the Node ID but not the hostnames.

I think you will only have hostnames if those can be determined (I believe through the /etc/hosts file). So I usually see only one node’s hostname, the one that I run the command from, and, for the other ones, I do get their IP only but I think that if the hosts file had all the IPs / hostnames then they would show up under the commands previously mentioned.