How and where to run the benchmark command on Windows vagrant box


I am very new to Aerospike and running a VM on windows. I am a bit familiar with linux environment where “./executable_name” is a common thing to run the executable


It was mentioned in one of the online notes to run the “./run_benchmarks -h -p 3000 -n test -k 10000000 -S 1 -o S:50 -w RU,10 -z 20” command to perform a 10 million read updates.

But to do so where do I run this command

Like all other commands, if I run it in GIT bash I get the error "Error: Could not find or load main class com.aerospike.benchmarks.Main

could some one please help me through this.

What I was able to do:

  • Install the plugins for eclipse.
  • perform simple read and write and also some basic

I assume you used the same command without changes on Windows

java -cp target/aerospike-benchmarks-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.aerospike.benchmarks.Main $*

The classpath has a wildcard which will not be resolved in Windows. Instead, use a direct path to the jar. Example:

java -cp target\aerospike-benchmarks-3.2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.aerospike.benchmarks.Main <args>

Thanks for that Brian

I had a problem with the maven package and I solved it then I could run the command with a ssh on the vagrant box in the bash shell

Thanks again cheers