How do I speed up cold start?


Problem Description

It takes a long time for a cold-restart of Aerospike service on my deployment. Do I have any options to speed this up?


Aerospike cold restart scans all records on the persisted storage layer and rebuilds the primary index (and data if data-in-memory is configured true) into memory. This process can take a long time depending on the number of records, disk I/O capability or even CPU capacity.

Read more about Cold start on this documentation page:


Aerospike does not have a specific configuration to speed up cold-start. It is recommended to identify where the bottleneck is. A slow cold restarts doesn’t necessarity mean that disk utilization / CPU utilization are at 100%.

Aerospike will read the disk as efficiently as possible. Our tests have shown that 1 thread per device partition is usually optimal. Having multiple devices (partitions) / files could in some cases help.

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Landing into cold-start eviction (breaching high-water-marks during the cold-start) can also slow down the overall process. Refer to this knowledge-base to understand details:


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