How far you justify to write client side code when you have nodejs as a server side?

I am a beginner in nodejs application development. I am developing an app for my interest to explore about javascript using nodejs, front-end framework expressjs, socket connection between server & client side with help of, and some libraries like handlebars, requirejs, jquery , etc. While writing code, I am more concerned about client side coding. How far is it good to write client side js code ? To handle dom events like click, hover, etc, requirea client side code ! To render table, requires datatable library and write bunch of code at client side !. Am i doing right ? or missing anything ? Please advise me here. If there any alternate way to do so, please provide same. Any suggestion advise is highly appreciated.

Hi @saurabh_shankariya

What do you mean by “Javascript using node.js”, Javascript is a programming language and node.js is another programming language which shares similar semantics of Javascript. And nodejs has some extra features for serverside coding, think of it as enhanced Javascript for server side. Client side codes are usually written in Javascript. Could you be more explicit about what you are designing, how are you planning to use Aerospike in your project? .


I’m just going to clarify one thing Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. it is not another programming language.

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@saurabh_shankariya I am also getting started with Nodejs and Aerospike. I am doing Java/python and wanted to try out nodejs. Well, if you use nodejs then you can use javascript in full stack i.e. front end as well as backend. So, your application can be :slight_smile:

Front-End (Angular JS …) <-> Backend (Express …) <-> Aerospike

You will learn lot about javascript like closure, callback etc. You can design your web application in opinionated way as well as freely ;). Till now nodejs is cool stuff for me (like rails was before).

To exemplify:

I am building real time app to aggregate alarms from different nodes using storm and then forward it to aerospike. Then nodejs would pick it up from there. Till now front end design is cool with angularjs and express. I am trying to port the app from mongodb. I like the way it is more web (way of doing things) unlike java.

I could have used java with JSF primefaces/python(django) easily but it’s good to learn new and cool stuff.

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