How to configure 2 nodes in a cluster so they communicate with each other


I have installed Aerospike on 2 Linux servers (ubuntu and RedHat). Now I want to try and use these servers as peers in a cluster. I have copied the configuration file (aersospike.conf) of ubuntu to RedHat box as well. When I restart the server I can see the namespaces that I have added in Ubuntu. However when I update the Sets and bins I am unable to see them in RedHat but only in Ubuntu. I understand that I have to use heartbeat (multicast/mesh) mode in config file. But not sure how it should be configured to make these nodes communicate with each other.


Could you supply the output of:

asadm -e info

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Service Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Node   Build   Cluster      Cluster     Cluster    Free   Free   Migrates   Principal   Objects     Uptime
   .       .      Size   Visibility   Integrity   Disk%   Mem%          .           .         .          .
t      3.6.0         1   True         True            0     99   (0,0)      t           5.000     00:03:08
Number of rows: 1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Network Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Node               Node                                     Fqdn                   Ip   Client     Current     HB        HB
   .                 Id                                        .                    .    Conns        Time   Self   Foreign
t      *BB9E219BD565000   ***************        5   184917806   1256         0
Number of rows: 1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Namespace Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Node   Namespace   Evictions    Master   Replica     Repl     Stop     HWM          Mem     Mem    HWM      Stop
   .           .           .   Objects   Objects   Factor   Writes   Disk%         Used   Used%   Mem%   Writes%
t      bar                 0   2.000     0.000          1    false   50      225.000 B        1     60        90
t      ns1                 0   1.000     0.000          1    false   50      108.000 B        1     60        90
t      test                0   2.000     0.000          1    false   50       36.596 KB       1     60        90
Number of rows: 3


Hm two issues here,

  1. I only see one node in this cluster
  2. If a node hasn’t received an object belonging to a particular set then that set will not exist on that node. In other words, we do not synchronize the creation of sets across the cluster.


Thanks for the reply! Can you help me in configuring these nodes in a cluster. I am not sure what and how I should write aerospike.conf file. One example would help. I am using heartbeat (multicast but since I am new to aerospike world I am not sure how I should be configuring aersopike.conf file?


Many cloud environments do not permit multicast traffic, does your environment allow multicast? You can use mtools to verify your network’s ability to handle multicast.

You can find heartbeat configuration examples here.