How to get bin list that belongs to a particular set

Is there any command (asadm/aql) to get the bins list belong to a particular set name? ex: all the bins list for a set say “x”

A set is not a physical thing, it’s just an attribute of a record so no, not straight out. You could select all the records in a set and then process the unique bin names which might get you nearer where you want to go.

Thanks Ben for the work around. The current challenge with it is, there is no limit we can specify like fetch first/last 10 rows to see sample rows to get the bin names.

Like “show sets” command, is there any enhancement can Aerospike do on listing bin names?

You should be able to get a few records from a set using the maxRecords policy in a scan and check the returned bins from those. I am not sure if there is a way to only get the bin names without their content, though.

Thanks Meher. Is this policy something we can set on asadm or AQL utility or only at Client Driver?

I am not sure about AQL… but it doesn’t look like it at first sight based on the AQL help page.

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