How to list bins in each set?


We need to display the bins that are associated with each of our sets, for various reasons.

It seems asinfo -v bins only shows the bins in a given namespace, but does not show which are associated with a given set. And asinfo -v sets shows summary statistics, but does not show bin names.

What is the recommended way to display the list of bins in each set?


Similarly: How can we display the list of secondary indexes for each given set? asinfo -v sindex seems to only do this for a namespace, with no indication of what’s available for each given set.


At this time there is no direct functionality to retrieve ‘bin-name’ and ‘secondary-index’ directly by querying using asinfo. The reason why we display the bin-name per namespace is because of their limitation per-namespace. The only workaround for your use case is by doing a scan of the set from the client application which unfortunately will be time consuming. I will forward this out to the Engineering team for future consideration. Thank you for your feedback.