How can I get the result table?

Hi guys. I installed ACT 5.3 in my server and ready for run. I wanna get ACT result table like in this page’s PCIe/NVMe-Based Flash section.

How can I get the Speed(tps) and Endurance column result in my SSD? Act Github page’s sample only shows these values…

         reads                  device-reads
         %>(ms)                 %>(ms)
 slice        1      8     64        1      8     64
 -----   ------ ------ ------   ------ ------ ------
     1     1.67   0.00   0.00     1.63   0.00   0.00
     2     1.38   0.00   0.00     1.32   0.00   0.00
     3     1.80   0.14   0.00     1.56   0.08   0.00

Thank you for your help!

I think you are looking for -x.

-x - optional parameter indicating that throughputs should also be displayed: default is no

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Thank you kporter! what I wanna get values are these(Speed (tps) and Endurance) columns. (please see. under the table)

Flash Device Speed (tps) >1ms >8ms >64ms Endurance ACT Source
SmartIOPS DataEngine 6.4 TB 825,000 0.30% 0.00% 0.00% 3 DWPD 3 SmartIOPS
SmartIOPS DataEngine 3.2 TB 630,000 1.5% 0.01% 0.00% 3 DWPD 3 SmartIOPS

Values for endurance are taken from manufacturer’s spec sheets and have not been independantly verified.

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Should also probably be mentioned that the speeds posted on the SSD Certification page show writes+reads per second as TPS. the -x feature reports only reads i believe.

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Thanks a lot @kporter. How about Speed(tps)? Actually I wondering about tps. How can I get tps metric value? (act test in my SSD)

And… Aerospike said These devices were tested at the specified speed with a 67% read/33% write ratio of 1.5 KB objects over 24 hours. => How can I tune that configuration in act_storage.conf?

These are the defaults. You can read the README on the ACT github page on how to change these parameters (writes/s reads/s record size, test time). The TPS is just the writes/s+reads/s.

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Thank you @Albot!! That’s right… -x option only shows reads

So the Speed (tps) posted on the SSD Certification page means maximum writes/s+reads/s?

Yes, with the regular ACT qualifications (like no more than 5% > 1ms)

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Thanks a lot @Albot

If I tested my SSD using ACT 5.3 (read-reqs-per-sec: 60000, write-reqs-per-sec: 30000 parameters were in the act_storage.conf)

In my understanding, below table (I wrote) looks good. Is there any problem?

Flash Device Speed (tps) >1ms >8ms >64ms Endurance ACT Source
my SSD x TB 90,000 2.73% 0.00% 0.00% x DWPD 5.3 my Company

Right. Exactly. 2.73% >1ms sounds like it can go faster though :wink:

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