Increase Block Write Size form 128K to 256K


What is the Impact on storage size usage if i try to increase the block size from 128K to 256K?

Is it mean twice storage size usage? or there’s no impact?

Thanks, Avi


Aerospike writes in blocks sized by the write-block-size parameter. Depending on your SSDs, you may find that increasing the write-block-size may enhance, degrade, or not change the write performance of your system. The write-block-size setting also limits the maximum size of a record stored in Aerospike. Currently the max at which you may set write-block-size is 1 MB.

On older generation SSDs, we found that we achieved higher performance with a write-block-size set to 128KB; however, with modern SSDs, we have seen that we often achieve higher performance at the 1MB limit.

Why increasing write-block-size increase write throughput?