What is the minimum block size in Aerospike?


The default one is 128k. What is the impact of reducing the block size below to 128K e.g. 64K, 32K,16K?


We do not enforce a minimum but do not recommend going below 128KB. That said, I am only sure we would not function if you were to drop below 128 Bytes since that is our minimum record size on disk.

The configuration we ship normally has write-block-size set to 128 KB but the actual default, if parameter were left out of the config, is 1 MB.

The write-block-size also determines the maximum record size so lowering one lowers the other.

By varying block sizes with the dd command I can observe that the performance of my local SSD drops if I go below 128 KB. The highest performance I see is by using 128 KB but 256 KB is nearly the same. There is a noticeable, but not terrible, drop when using 512 or 1024 KB with 1024 performing a bit better than 512.

Many users have a use case where they keep appending to records, so allowing larger records may, may in this case, also increase the amount of bandwidth being used for reads and writes.