Data Modeling with records bigger than 128 KB

The default MAX record size is 128 KB. We need to store user events per user ordered by time and sometime we exceeds the 128KB.

For serving the user we need to retrieve his n latest event within an time interval. e.g. Last events with 2 hours.

We are looking at the following several directions but we don’t know what performs bests

  1. Splitting the user events into multiple records in case we exceed the 128KB and have our logic on the top to retrieve the the data from several records.
  2. Using Sub-Records for the user events
  3. Using large types. e.g. Large Ordered List

What is the best practices for modelling such kind of use cases?

Hi Architect,

The default write-block-size is 128KB which is the recommended one for SSD’s, but you can increase it to a max of 1MB as described in the following Knowledge Base article. And yes, Large Data type is a good solution, but for object size greater than 1MB.

Here is a link to the parameter in our Configuration reference: