Install aerospike community server on Ubuntu 20.04

aerospike-server-community- depends python package, but Ubuntu 20.04 support only python3 and when I’m trying to install deb package I’m getting an error:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of aerospike-server-community: aerospike-server-community depends on python; however: Package python is not installed.

Looks like this was cross posted on Stack overflow:

Will update there if I find anything further than what was already commented on over there.

yeah, it’s my topic in stackoverflow, I’ll update if I’lll found a solution. So far only sudo apt-get install python was helped, this command installed python2

Thanks. Yes, at this point it seems you would need to do that… we are planning on addressing this in the next release which would then drop support for python2. The issue right now is that we are trying to support both python2 and python3, so you need to do the workaround you have which installed python (python2) and can then point python to python3 (if I myself understood this correctly).

This is apparently the reason for this:

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