Installation of Aerospike Tools on M1

I am following the official documentation on Aerospike however I am receiving this error. Is this something on my end or is the doc command missing something?

Thank you! Abigail

wget -O aerospike-tools.tgz ''

--2024-01-18 16:51:11--

Resolving (,,

Connecting to (||:443... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found

2024-01-18 16:51:12 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Hi @Abigail_Edwards,

A few things about the URL.

  1. There should be a version number before the operating system in the artifact name. So aerospike-tools__el8_arm64.tgz should be aerospike-tools_10.1.0_el8_arm64.tgz
  2. “latest” or a version number should come in between ‘//’ in the URL.
  3. The arm64 architecture is written as aarch64 for linux artifacts. You can see more about that at Install Tools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux | Aerospike Documentation and Install Aerospike Tools | Aerospike Documentation.

So the functioning command is…

wget -O aerospike-tools.tgz ''

It looks like the example download links in the docs you are reading are missing the tools version. We will work on a fix.

Thanks for reporting this!

Best, Dylan

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Hi @Dylan_W ,

Thank you for your response - that makes sense. I was trying a bunch of combinations based on the docs and there was some confusion for me.

so the above wget was actually from this page - the third command line box with ‘//’ in the URL - so that would potentially need a fix

as well as this docs page

wget -O aerospike-tools.pkg # replace x86_64 with arm64 for M-series

it’s using “latest” but I think it still needs a version number before macOS?

Thank you, Abby

Hi @Abigail_Edwards,

Yes that’s correct. There should be a version before ‘macOS’ like…

All the tools package names follow the format mentioned on Install Aerospike Tools | Aerospike Documentation.

We fixed an issue with the documentation that caused the version to be missing from the example tools package names and URLs. Please check the docs again, the URLs and names should work now.

Thanks again for reporting this!

Best, Dylan

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You can also get download links to the tools package by clicking the “Copy Download Link” button next to the “Download” button on the tools downloads page. Aerospike Downloads | Aerospike . I don’t think this was working while the versions were missing, but it should be working now.

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Thank you @Dylan_W for your help! I was able to get aerospike running locally now.

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for reporting the issue!