Java client and server compatibility matrix

Hi, I am using aerospike java client version 3.3.0 with aerospike community server Now I am planning to upgrade aerospike community server version to 3.16. Can I use aerospike java client 3.3.0 with aerospike server 3.16 ? Is there official documentation of supported java client version for aerospike community server version 3.16 ?

AFAIK it’s all backwards compatible. If there are special requirements or isssues they usually mention them in the release notes, like “LDT support is removed” for example. Why not upgrade the client though?

Java Client Library Release Note | Download | Aerospike some releases mention what features work with which versions. ex…

3.3.3 Release Date: March 15 2017 Features Support query filtering with predicate expressions. Requires Aerospike Server versions >= 3.12. Support new truncate namespace/set functionality. Requires Aerospike Server versions >= 3.12.

3.2.3 Release Date: June 1 2016 Features Support new server map operations. Requires Aerospike Server versions 3.8.4 and above.

3.1.9 Release Date: February 2 2016 Fixes CLIENT-590 Pass in set name for batch reads when BatchPolicy.sendSetName is true. This is necessary when authentication is enabled and security roles are defined on a per set basis. Requires Aerospike Server versions >= 3.7.3.

I think they would explicitly state if there was some kind of change that would prevent a client version from working with a particular server version.

Correct, there hasn’t been any known break in the client to server protocol. That said, there has been a break in the server to server protocol which requires users to go through 3.13.x before continuing to later versions. This is mentioned in the release notes for builds that followed 3.13 (Aerospike Server CE Release Note | Download | Aerospike).

@kporter/ @Albot : Thanks for quick response.