Jest: sequentially run tests are failed

Does anybody know what is the reason of failing test that are run sequentially ( with runInBand flag). The error message is “Unable to register default event loop: Failed to add external loop. Capacity is 1 [-1]”. Is there workaround how to manage this issue?

Hi @Bvv,

The Node.js Aerospike Client use Mocha and Chai as libraries to do testing. If you are trying the run the unit tests for the Node.js Aerospike Client, --runInBand is not a flag that exists in Mocha, so it cannot be used.

If you are writing your own tests with Jest that leverage the Node.js Aerospike Client, I would need to see the tests to determine why the issue is happening. Feel free to post a reproducible example here, and I can comment on potential fixes then.

Hello @dpelini Thank you very much for your response. I’m trying to create integration tests with Jest. I prepared repo to reproduce the issue GitHub - vbuzivskoy/aerospike-client-jest There are two jest tests that could be run in parallel and in serial. To reproduce the issue please run the tests in serial.

Hello @dpelini. Have you had a chance to reproduce the issue?