M1 development server (AER-6556)

It would be great to have an API compatible ARM-based development server. We can mock the Java client API but it has many drawbacks. It would be nice to have a docker container that was API compatible with the client, so that development on M1 macs was easier. Durability optional.

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This is on our roadmap and this request is similar to Aerospike on ARM.

Glad to hear it’s on your roadmap. I entered this because the other one was quite old and the response that a real implementation would be difficult. This request is just for a development server that isn’t a complete implementation but is API compatible.

Do you have any timeline on the roadmap item?

I cannot promise anything - but could your request be satisfied with an ARM development branch in github which you could compile?

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Sure, that would work. It’s just for integration testing.

hey, any news about this ?

This may help: Not able to run aerospike on mac m1 chip - #7 by rbotzer

6.2 has been released with ARM support: Aerospike Server CE Release Note | Download | Aerospike

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