Missing server source so I can't upgrade


I have to build my own version of aerospike server due to issues I’ve encountered. See:

I went to get the source for from github, and it appears that the aerospike-server repo has been completely reset. There’s only a few commits and branch tags. Everything before version 4 is missing. I’ve looked around to try to find any source that is distributed with releases, such as a SRPM or tar ball, but I can’t find anything. Everywhere I look to download points me back to github.

I can’t move to version 4 because I’m on a version before the protocol upgrade. Is there any way for the old source to be put up somewhere?


Hi Jason, we’re working on how to support you. We want to actually resolve the problem instead of tlo’s idea of simply having you patch the source… but we might also simply open a branch for that version.

Can you send me a mail at brian@aerospike.com , in case we want to engage and actually solve your networking problem, although we might just open the source for that version?



Wanted to mention that the interface limit was increased to 500 by default as a part of server release


[AER-5711] - (NETWORK) Increased the limit on the number of interfaces to 500.

Mentioned on the below documentation as well: https://www.aerospike.com/docs/guide/limitations.html

So, as such you should be fine even downloading the version from our website, unless of course there were other reasons for you to download via GitHub.

Will recommend getting in touch with Brian for further clarifications.


Great! I’m working with Brian directly now to figure out an upgrade path. The problem is we need to make it past the cluster protocol change in 3.13.


Excellent! Good to know… Yes, we do need an upgrade path…:slight_smile:


Jason - and others - we have provided an update path today.

If you go to aerospike.com/download/server , hit the “release notes” button, you’ll see historical releases.

There is a new 3.13 and 3.14 build that went up yesterday with this feature.

If there are any other problems upgrading please contact Aerospike and we will continue to support this version moving forward.