New errors after installing Aerospike to a new server



I’ve install Aerospike on a server for the 3rd time, and I’m having weird errors that I didn’t have before… The former version was, and the new one… Well I don’t know, since the service won’t start. But I’ve just installed it so I guess it’s the latest.

At first I got an error telling me that ‘rack_id’ is enterprise only. Which was weird because last time I configured Aerospike it was a required element… So I removed it, and now I’m getting this error when trying to start the service:

FAILED ASSERTION (namespace): (namespace.c:100) too many namespaces (max is 2)

What the hell? Since when?


Never mind, I just saw the changelog for the 4.0…

Good thing I still have the installation files for 3.15…

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