OpenEmbedded/Yocto recipe (also:use of external modules?)


It seems to me that areospike should have a yocto recipe, or OE meta-layer or something if it plans to scale down to run on embedded in memory/flash type systems.

I have done a quick trial port, and had some problems with the modules. Is someone working on this?

Also is it possible to use external libraries rather than the module source under the aerospike tree?


Hi timco,

We have played with the idea of putting Aerospike on embedded devices, we even have a Raspberry PI. We however, have not begun any exploration into this as most interest has been in deploying to servers.

You can feel free to make changes to your fork, including using different modules or libraries, as long as you adhere to the licenses of the software used. In the simplest form, Aerospike requires you to make your fork open source.

I understand the licence terms. I have no intention of breaking it. my point was this:

The aerospike server pulls in submodules for some specific stuff, asmallo, jansson, jemalloc, lua-core, and mod-lua. my aerospike recipe breaks when trying to cross compile jansson. Yocto/Open Embedded has some/all of these as a library available in the build environment, but I’m finding it difficult to get my head around your makefiles, the whole seems too tightly coupled around the submodule versions, rather than an external library. Is this the case? are there changes in the external library submodules that i need to consider?

I’ve started playing with cmake to pull the thing apart into separate build trees, but the makefiles also seem committed to an in-tree build (make init start etc). Is this the case?