Best practices for Chef and Aerospike?

What are the best practices for using Chef to install Aerospike? I see at least three different community cookbooks, none of which are maintained by Aerospike. Is anybody using Chef to deploy AS and, if you are, can you offer your feedback as to whether you used a community cookbook or rolled your own?

We use a custom chef cookbook - not published anywhere. It only builds the config file and drops all the binaries. Then we use ansible to install/upgrade.


Thanks Albert – it always seems to come down to rolling your own. I like the mix of Chef and Ansible, I tend to do the same thing myself for ad hoc orchestration. I found the presentation deck from the link you included, but no video – am I looking in the right spot and is it available somewhere?

Yeah if you fill out the info they should let you watch it. I’ll see if I can’t DM it to you.

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