Possible asgraphite limitations?


We using asgraphite to push metrics, however we recently discovered our asgraphite polling interval did not match our graphite storage schema. I’ve been playing with the --interval option, however it seems to break when set to anything less than the default of 300s. Has anyone else run into this problem or is there a limitation of asgraphite we’re just not aware of?



How does it break?


Fair question, I should have elaborated. When “–interval 60” is set in the init options and the service restarted, we get an initial single push of metrics then nothing. If I remove the “–interval” option and restart the service, metrics get pushed on the default 300s interval as stated in asgraphite’s code.


The default for interval appears to be 30s:

Is asgraphite printing any errors?


That’s odd, the version we have in production has default=300. However, that being said. I found that the assignment of INTERVAL_POLL_DATA was being classed as a string and breaking at line 591 time.sleep(INTERVAL_POLL_DATA).

I added a float() around the variable assignment and all seems good now. I’ll take a look at what’s on github to see if we just need to pull the latest build. Perhaps we’re just behind the times and this was fixed.