Python Client Release 1.0.50 (September 8, 2015)


The 1.0.50 release of the Python client came out on September 8, 2015 and is available for download here. This release adds a plethora of features and fixes:


  • Upgraded to C client 3.1.22.
  • Support for the batch-index API (AER-3908):
  • Batch methods are changing in a non-backward compatible way: in order to support batch-reads from multiple namespaces, get_many, exists_many, and select_many now return a list of records, each fitting the (key, metadata, bins) record tuple format.
  • Added job_info, a unified method for tracking the status of scan and query jobs. Added corresponding aerospike.JOB_STATUS_* constants.
  • Deprecated scan_info.
  • Support for secondary index record UDF (query_apply). Requires a future release of the server (AER-3981).
  • Support for a native double data type. Python float bin values will convert to and from as_double. Requires server version >= 3.6.0 (AER-4239).
  • Added the privilege aerospike.PRIV_READ_WRITE_UDF.
  • New examples for query_apply and get_many.
  • Ensure that the examples work with Aerospike Enterprise Edition (AER-3707).
  • Cleaned up and clarified documentation. Thanks @tivvit for your help.